Buy Xfinity Remote Aim Anywhere Pair Out OF Sight Adapter For XR2 / XR5 / XR11 Remotes


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Features :

  • Control XFinity Device from any Direction

Your XFINITY Remote can be paired with the Aim Anywhere Adapter also known as the XR8 allowing you to control your set-top box even when the device is placed out of line-of-sight for example, in an entertainment center or behind your TV. XFINITY Remotes can be identified by an XR model number on the back of the remote. See the "Compatible Devices" section on the back of this user guide to verify that your set-top box and remote are compatible with the adapter. To pair your XFINITY Remote with the Aim Anywhere Adapter, follow the steps below. Compatable with The following Boxes: Pace RNG 150N Samsung RNG 150N Compatible with The Following Xfinity Remotes XR2 XR5 XR11 HERE'S HOW: 1. Turn on your TV and set-top box. 2. Plug the Aim Anywhere Adapter into the IR Input port* located on the back panel of your set-top box. *Note: This port may also be labeled IR Input, IR Receive, or EXT IR IN. 3. Wait 3-5 seconds for the solid red LED on top of the adapter to turn off. 4. Press and release the PAIR button on the back of the adapter. The LED on top of the adapter will turn on when the PAIR button is pressed. 5. Press and hold the Setup button on your XFINITY Remote until the remote's LED changes from red to green. Then, press and release the XFINITY button. 6. If the LED on the XFINITY Remote blinks green twice, pairing was successful. Press CH A to verify that your set-top box responds as expected. 7. If the LED on yourXFINITY Remote blinks red, then green, and then red, pairing was unsuccessful. Check the "Compatible Devices" section to verify that your set-top box supports the Aim Anywhere Adapter.

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