Can varicose veins and CVI be prevented?

Can varicose veins and CVI be prevented?

For mild forms of venous disease, lifestyle changes may be recommended to control existing symptoms and prevent others. The following measures may help control varicose veins and CVI:

·         Manage blood pressure and body weight
·         Exercise regularly, focusing on exercises that work your legs (run or walk)
·         Elevate your legs whenever possible
·         Avoid prolonged standing or sitting
·         Wear compression stockings while at work
·         Avoid clothes that are tight around the waist, thighs or legs
·         Strengthen calf muscles and avoid shoes that limit use of calf muscles (i.e., high heels)
·         Eat a diet low in salt and rich in high-fiber foods

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Food to Beat cellulite

Cellulite is a sign that your body is polluted. This pollution which results in a build up of fatty, toxic and water deposits in your skin is due largely to the toxic products of the FOOD we eat.
The good news is that you can reduce cellulite by rebalancing the body's own system ,by eating certain foods. And, you can prevent them from developing again. All you have to do is to drink a lot of water, avoid salt, caffeine, nicotine &alcohol.

Joelle Saroukhan
Beauty Doctors Medical Dietitian
Tips for Solarium Tanning
Sunbeds or Tanning beds or Solariums' overexposure may lead to skin cancer that's why you should only expose yourself to ultraviolet light once or twice a week to limit your chances of overexposure.

Here are few tips:  more
Summer is finally here!
Weekends at the beach, barbecue parties, family reunion, etc., but these gatherings are often loaded with high calorie food like pasta salads, chips, ice cream, cocktails and beers. more
How do I know which cream is best for my skin
How do I know which cream is best for my skin?

As we all know, the market is over flooded with creams, both medical and cosmetic. Selecting the appropriate creams
remains a challenge especially when it comes to skin types and tolerance. 
Winter Foods for Healthy Skin

Winter can harm your delicate skin: chapped lips, dry hands and feet. However, with the help of nourishing, anti-oxidant fruits & vegetables, as well as healthy fat, you can moisturize & replenish your skin. more
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