Medical & Beauty Services - Otoplasty for Men

The surgical correction of protruding ears calls for a procedure called Otoplasty. It is used specifically for patients who have excessively visible pavilions.
It is a simple surgery that leaves no scars because the incision is hidden behind the ear itself.
The procedure is covered by medical insurance, and can be done starting from the age of 7 years old, into adulthood. The surgery is usually done on both ears, and may even be done unilaterally.

The Otoplasty corrects cartilage abnormalities existing on the ear pavilion that are responsible for ear protrusion. There are three types of inter-related abnormalities.
1)     Conchal Hypertrophy is when a strong angle exists between the pavilion of the ear and the head leading to an exaggerated protrusion of the ear.

2)     Antihelical Fold Defects are described as an excessive size of the conchal bowl, projecting the ear to the front. It is characterized by a defect in the fold or normal look of the cartilage.

3)     Another defect of Antihelical fold is when there is a irregular shape of cartilage which causes the ear to appear sagging. This intervention corrects any of these abnormalities by remodeling the cartilage in order to achieve symmetrically protruding ears and a completely natural look.

The Otoplasty procedure requires the patient to undergo blood tests and a pre-anesthetic consultation. It only requires 24 hours of hospitalization and the duration of the surgery ranges from 1 hour to 1 hour and a half. The Anesthesia is a combination of local anesthesia and tranquilizer, or Neuroleptanalgesia. The pain is very moderate and requires the patient to wear a protective bandage for 8 days post-surgery.