Medical & Beauty Services - Lipofilling and Mesolift for women


As we grow older our skin begins to lose its natural hydration as the hyaluronic acid, the main component of our skin’s natural elasticity and youthfulness, begins diminishing in the dermis of the skin. In addition to that, the epidermis and the dermis slowly separate which causes our skin to sag.

The volume loss correction may be treated with absorbable fillers.

The filler injection commonly used is the hyaluronic acid given its innocuity. It is a viscoelastic polysaccharide available in human tissues. Used in its synthetic form, it is perfectly biodegradable and biocompatible. It may be preserved at room temperature. The discovery of filler products and superior knowledge of the anatomy of the face allows treating the face with injections that return volume back to the face.

The mesolift results in:
·         Colonization of the Cellular Matrix
·         Improvement of Skin Hydration and Elasticity
·         Elimination of Fine Lines

This treatment is highly recommended for:
·         Smokers
·         Patients suffering from tired-lookingskin
·         Patients that have had prolonged exposure to the sun
·         Patients who have experienced child birth

The mesolift is a procedure that may be accompanied by other photo-rejuvenating techniques that can alter to each individual patients needs.


The concept behind lipofilling is to graft the fat cells and re-injecting the autologous (derived of transferred from the same individuals body) fat in the area that calls for it. Lipo-restructuring can be applied to a variety of natural or post-traumatic creases. The objective and indications of this kind of intervention may be summarized as follows:

1) Aesthetic Functions

like filling and reducing the appearance of specific wrinkles especially in the face, creating a filler effect to a hollowed face or in the early stages of aging and enhancing facial features; especially for restoring aging and/or emaciated faces.

Lipofilling works in synchronization with facial lifting procedures in order to restore facial harmony and balance.

2) Reparative and Reconstructive Surgery

like filling post-traumatic tissue cases, smoothing irregularities caused by previous liposuction treatments, facial lipoatrophy correction after tritherapy for HIV positive patients and breast contouring after cancer reconstructive surgery.