Medical & Beauty Services - Internal Thigh Lifting

Similarly to sagging arms, inner thighs cannot be treated with just liposuction. The lack of elasticity of the skin requires that lifting be done as well. Inner thigh lifting basically encompasses the retightening of the skin.
The procedure aims at reducing excess skin, minimizing underlying fat infiltration and maintaining the firmness of the skin even at the underlying aponeurotic level. The two techniques available for this procedure differ only on the level of scarring that occurs.

1) Horizontal Scar Technique is excellent for treating sagging skin isolated on the upper inner thigh area. It is not however recommended for those with extreme cases of skin laxity, typically characteristic of patients who have lost tremendous amounts of weight.The scar left from the procedure is perfectly hidden in between the groin and buttocks area, ensuring there is no evidence left behind of the surgery. To even further results aesthetically, the technique was improved by creating a deeper fixation in order to avoid secondary migration of the scar; since the skin is already prone to sagging.

2) Vertical Scar Technique leaves a scar on the inner thigh beginning in the groin area and reaching the knee. The size of the scar indicates that this is a procedure that is carried out in extreme cases of sagging skin; but the outcome is excellent for the contour of the thigh.

The surgery requires general anesthesia so before carrying on with the procedure the patient must undergo a pre-anesthetic consultation coupled with blood tests. The duration of hospitalization is 48 hours, and the procedure is a total of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The pain experienced post surgery is moderate and the patient may resume regular activities in 15 days. The patient will be required to wear a compression undergarment for one month post surgery.