Medical & Beauty Services - Face Lift for Men

Patients that are looking for a face rejuvenation intervention are looking for a specific look, the natural one. Their goal is to look revitalized, not lifted.
There are several types of surgical techniques depending on the damage caused to the face or neck from aging.

1) Localized: Anterior Lift, Frontal-temporal Lift, Temporal- jugal Lift

  • Localized Anterior Lift/ Mini Lift or Soft Lift
This type of lift consists of restoring the overall shape of the face for patients who suffer from ptosis below the chin and slightly on the neck level. The result is a natural look and a healthy lifted complexion. It is a procedure that does not jeopardize major-lift intervention (Cervico-Facial Lift) in the future when aging signs begin to appear on the level of the neck.

This type of lifting is recommended for patients who are looking for quality results, simple post-surgery care, speedy recoveries (10 days), and satisfaction.

  • Localized Temporal or Temporal-Frontal Lift (Lift of the Upper Third of the Face)
This type of lift is used in the treatment of the upper face area and temporal lobes. It’s a simple procedure that allows for lifting of a sagging brow with a mediocre scar of 3 cm that is hidden in the hairline. It is usually combined with a Temporal- Jugal Lift since the joint procedure gives the face a natural and sustainable rejuvenated effect.

Experience points to the fact that frontal lifting surgeries have decreased for 2 main reasons. The first reason being that it may causes the face to have a frozen look when it comes to the forehead and eyebrows. The second basis being that Botox, a non-invasive treatment, effectively erases frontal wrinkles while maintaining the expressions of the face.

  • Localized Temporal- Jugal Lift
This type of lifting is used to tackle problems areas on the middle level of the face, especially for hallow eyelids and cheek ptosis. It aims to elevate sagging cheeks in order to contour the face and return its youthful look, or baby cheeks. Scarring is limited to the lower eyelids on the lashes and scalp. Few surgeons have the experience required for this type of lifting given its specific nature, and the training required.

2) Cervical- Facial Lift

This is the most comprehensive type of lift procedure because it surgically corrects the aging of the neck and face from the temporal lobes to the cheeks. It returns the cheek structure to its natural initial position. This procedure is usually associated with lipostructure treatment to restore full volume to the cheeks.

In case of excess fat in the neck region, neck liposuction may be used in parallel with this procedure. The patient may also opt for an eyelid rejuvenation procedure. To finalize the treatment of extreme aging, laser abrasion may be used to correct wrinkles around the mouth.

A multitude of techniques exists, with broad possibilities, but the intentions and expectations of the patient must be realistic and profound. A trustful and honest relationship must be established between the team and the patient; it is the foundation for any successful intervention.