Medical & Beauty Services - Facial Treatments For Women

Caviar Facial

The caviar is loaded with protein, vitamins and minerals, and have a cell format similar to human skin. It helps to speed up the natural production of collagen, and in time it helps to plump up and thicken the skin and thus give a younger, firmer appearance. Extract from caviar products will give sagging, tired looking skin an intensive firming and lustrous, pearlized finish.

Facial Deep Cleansing

This one hour treatment includes a thorough skin assessment and evaluation. Our Beauty Expert will determine if your skin is Dry, Normal, or Oily and use the proper products to address your skin type. An exfoliation method will be chosen that can include the use of an exfoliating scrub, or enzyme treatment depending on your skin type. Extractions are then performed if needed and appropriate. A mask is then chosen to target specific patient concerns and skin conditions. After the mask is removed, appropriate hydrators and serums will be applied.

This facial will nourish, improve hydration and circulation, as well as keep the pores free of excess oil; white and black heads and other acne impurities are removed.

It’s inevitable even with daily face wash that dirt will start to accumulate deep down in the pores. That's why it's important to do a periodic deep pore cleansing treatment which will leave the skin will feel softer and look smoother. The deep pore cleansing treatment minimizes pores, controls acne, balances sebum and will reduce blemishes.

The deep cleansing treatment can be applied on the back area as well.

Facial Microdermabrasion

As a person gets older, the natural process of the skin shedding the dead cells and replacing them with new ones slows down. That can cause dead cells to build up on the outer layer of skin, causing dullness, pore blockage, and an increase in the look of wrinkles. In such cases, crystal microdermabrasion (CM) can be used to get rid of the excess dead skin.
When a person undergoes a CM session, the professional commonly uses the machine to first vacuum off the skin. This creates suction that helps stimulate lymph node draining and helps increase blood flow. The increased blood flow helps the skin to restore itself faster. After that, the machine blasts small crystals onto the face. These crystals work to break up the dead skin cells that have accumulated on the surface of the skin.
After the crystals break up the dead layer of skin, the machine sucks up the crystals as well as the dead cells. The result is usually smoother-looking skin that can make a person look younger. CM can also be effective in reducing the look of wrinkles as well as evening out skin tone. In addition, it may help to reduce the look of acne scars and freckles. It is not as invasive as surgical procedures. Since it only affects the outer layer of skin, allergies associated with the procedure tend to be low.
It is a micro-needling process carried out with a roller made up of many miniature needles. The needles pierce the upper layers of the skin up to 2 millimeters. This has two major benefits. It successfully stimulates collagen formation as well as providing a clear topical channel for creams to be effectively absorbed through the epidermis.

Micro-needling creates a very minor trauma which lasts for a short period of time and does not result in bruising or swelling in the treated area. The small puncture wound stimulates collagen production in the dermis layer as it breaks some of the blood vessels directly below the surface of the skin. As the blood clots, it creates the right environment for collagen and elastin formation. It is these vital ingredients which make the skin appear rejuvenated.
Multiple treatments are necessary to achieve significant improvement in the appearance of the skin. The effects are cumulative and will usually be seen within 6-8 weeks of each treatment.
This process showed scientifically proven results for the treatment of cosmetic product infusion, anti-aging and wrinkle, scarring,enlarged pores and more.


Fruit Acid Facial

This facial uses a combination of acids and compounds found in citrus fruits, grapes and other fruits, to help exfoliate the skin, to correct skin imperfections, to improve the texture of the skin and cleanse the pores from inside out. The fruit acid facial typically begins with a cleansing and masking session under steam. This opens up the pores and makes it easier for acids to sink deep into the pores.

The acid treatment is applied to the skin and left to sink into the pores for about five minutes. The skin may be cleansed again at this stage, and followed by the application of a toner, moisturizer and sunscreen.Fruit acid facials present an attractive alternative to more powerful chemical peels, and are generally gentler for the skin.

A series of fruit acid facials is typically needed to achieve desired results. If you have oily skin, acne skin, or just want to even out your skin tone after sun damage, you may be a good candidate for a fruit acid facial.

Anti Aging Facial

It’s an anti-ageing facial beauty treatment that works on enhancing the skin’s youthful appearance and offers unique results backed by a precious moment of well-being. The treatment works on resurfacing the skin, filling wrinkles, restructuring the face and the complexion is more radiant. This treatment is based on analysis of the defense systems of marine plants and algae, alongside the identification of marine ingredients which are capable of reproducing these systems within the skin.

Oxygenating Facial

This facial is an all natural, virtually painless, skin treatment that dramatically improves the appearance and texture of the skin, providing beautiful results. Depending on the skins needs, the treatments are usually performed in a series of sessions. Treatments are usually performed every 14 to 30 days. These treatments have proven to be very helpful in maintaining the client's skin clarity. Right after the treatment the skin will feel amazingly smooth and tight immediately after the first treatment without any downtime.  

This treatment does not just work on the surface of the skin but helps effective cellular growth and repair requires water, oxygen and active ingredient serums to be delivered deep into the skin. The Jet Clear device has a fine jet aerosol spray that penetrates deep below the skin surface while it cleans peels and infusion to produce excellent skin care results.

The Jet Clear Treatment is highly effective for skin texture improvement, wrinkle reduction, removal of unwanted pigmentation and overall skin rejuvenation.  There is no pain or discomfort during the treatment.
If you have any of the following: Wrinkles; Dry Skin; Acne; Rosacea, Keratosis, Scars, Milia and enlarged pores this is the treatment for you.

Collagen Facial

A collagen facial is treatment that uses collagen protein to revitalize the skin. Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that is found in the skin, tissues and bones; in the skin, it is found in the lower dermis layers, and is responsible for maintaining skin structure and strength. A collagen facial attempts to retard the aging process by replenishing the skin's natural proteins by external application.

At the start of the collagen facial, the skin is thoroughly cleaned with a cleanser and is then exfoliated. The next step, after cleansing and exfoliation, is to massage the skin well with a concentrated collagen cream. The applied mask is left on for about 30 minutes, and wiped off with a wet cloth. The face is then washed clean with warm water. Regular collagen facials can help keep the skin looking radiant and attractive. In addition, using a collagen facial moisturizer at night can also improve the skin appearance.

Eye contour Treatment

A short, targeted treatment that energizes and decongests leaving eyes looking visibly younger. It is easily incorporated into the facial treatment of your choice. For this most sensitive zone of the face, Pytomer uses an innovative patch technique. They gently deliver marine ingredients without damaging the eye's fragile contours. Results: eyes look younger and regain their sparkle.


Facial Massage

Like the rest of your body, the face has many muscles, and like shoulders or back, it gets tight and holds on to stress. By relaxing muscles and connective tissue, massaging the face softens expression-induced lines around your eyes, lips and brows, helps expel acne-causing toxins and de-puffs and brightens the eye area. It also increases circulation, oxygenating the blood and encouraging the presence of fresh, healing red blood cells. So why aren't we all reaping the benefits of facial massage?

Mini Facial

There are many types of facials that serve the purpose of cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing the face. Facials are good for most types of skin and usually leave the recipient feeling pampered, relaxed and refreshed. This type of skin treatment can last 1 hour, with the mini facial typically lasting about 30 minutes. Many people incorporate mini facials into their regular skincare regimens because they usually serve all of the basic purposes of a facial within a convenient amount of time.The cleansing and exfoliating portion of the mini facial usually consists of exfoliating and applying the mask for several minutes or until the mud mask dries. Masks are removed with warm water.

Plus Mask and Vials

These are special extra masks and vials (collagen, Vitamin C, etc…) added to classic facial treatments like crystal microdermabrasion or deep cleansing to boost the effect of the treatment.