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Welcome to Belallure Lebanon. We offer life-enhancing treatments to help you feel and look younger, healthier and more beautiful. Our Doctors are highly experienced and qualified in all areas of aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, especially facial cosmetic surgery, cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery, body contouring, upper extremity surgery, and plastic surgery research. 
Our Plastic surgeons perform facial cosmetic, breast and body contouring procedures offering you the highest level of care and results.  When you choose Belallure for your cosmetic and cosmetic surgery, you can be confident that you are in the safe hands of our highly trained staff. We are pioneers in the field of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, that offers you the very best result. Our skilled specialists can help restore your youthful appearance, reawaken your natural beauty and enhance your life.
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Divided into three distinct categories; “Self Image Wellbeing, Physical Health, and Personal Appearance”, this contemporary and groundbreaking approach to restoring and enhancing your charm is Signature to Belallure.

With Belallure, One Size Doesn’t Fit All

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About Belallure
Our Beauty Doctors are devoted to personally explain to you the most appropriate aesthetic and reconstructive techniques, to achieve a natural look that is in harmony with your features and appearance.

Belallure Beauty Doctors

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Client Testimonials

Bob F. :
I was impressed with the doctors advise and consultation at Belallure. They gave me a lot of useful advise on what will be done, the procedures, and on what is suitable for my situation. They gave a very personalized service, Thank you.

Food to Beat cellulite:

Cellulite is a sign that your body is polluted. This pollution which results in a build up of fatty, toxic and water deposits in your skin is due largely to the toxic products of the FOOD we eat.
The good news is that you can reduce cellulite by rebalancing the body's own system ,by eating certain foods. And, you can prevent them from developing again. All you have to do is to drink a lot of water, avoid salt, caffeine, nicotine &alcohol.

Joelle Saroukhan
Beauty Doctors Medical Dietitian